I spy a great reader by Jackie French

Hello everyone, April is just about to end and begin a new season!! I hope you all are taking precautions and keeping healthy against the nasty virus circling the globe. My little niece and her schoolmates are doing their best to teach everyone how to wash hands and keep clean!! This next post is actually a book for grown ups to help them with the reading of their children. Let me tell you one thing now, when I saw this title pop up on my screen a few years ago, I squealed with delight!! I hope you do the same once you read it!!

two children boy and girl reading book on ground. bright coloured images of letters and fruits and paint brush and planets. I spy a great reader in multi-coloured letters at bottom middle. Jackie French in large blue letters.
A non-fiction read for parents

Title: I spy a great reader – how to unlock the literacy secret and get your child hooked on books

Author: Jackie French

Genre: Non Fiction – Reading

Publication details: Angus & Robertson; NSW, 2014

ISBN: 9780732299521

What this book is about: Every child can experience the joy and power of reading if they are taught to read properly and given that “magic book” – the one that turns them into eager readers. Books give kids the power to understand the world and imagine their own future. They also give kids the tools to create it. Every child can be a great reader. This book shows you how. Award-winning author and Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French knows what it is to struggle with reading and literacy. Drawing on her own experience, Jackie has written this book to help parents identify possible reading difficulties and offers many fun and rewarding ways to help launch kids into a lifelong love of books. All children learn differently, and Jackie offers interesting and accessible ways to get your child on the path to literacy.

My review: As an avid fan of everything that Jackie French, I was so impressed firstly that she was the Children’s Laureate for Australia from 2014 to 2015 !! Secondly, the fact that she’s dyslexic and still managed to come up with some of the finest writing that children’s fiction has to date!! This book is such an amazing tool for almost anybody be they parents, teachers or even librarians. I feel like I understand the power of reading and learning a bit better now that I’ve read this. It’s really hard for me to imagine any kid having difficulty reading in this day and age but I know that it happens. 

A very inspirational read for all parents, teachers, librarians and anyone who just loves seeing children read books!! 

My rating: 5 ⭐

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