Time-slip adventures this May

Hi everyone, May is usually a month where New Zealand prepares for the onslaught of winter weather and prepares to hunker down anticipating the cold, dark days. Instead we down here have already been in a sort of hibernation with the mandatory self-isolation period over the last several weeks. As a difference for this month I’ve decided to treat you all to titles grouped under the theme of time-slip adventures!! If this is something you’re into, then read on…

The majority of these titles are ones that I had read a few years ago. With the whole of New Zealand in isolation for the last several weeks I hadn’t been able to read any new titles on this theme; so I do apologise for the age of these reads!! 

I must confess though, time-slip adventures always captivate me as it not only takes you on a journey back into the past, but also into the heart of our main character. One of the few books I’d read in the last year that got me properly hooked into this genre was actually by a New Zealand children’s author, Trouble in Time by Adele Broadbent. A truly awesome read by an excellent author, in my opinion anyway!!

So readers, if you want to get started into time-slip adventures, forge ahead and tell me what you think!! 

Happy reading!

Miss Mahee

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