The Blitz next door by Cathy Forde

Hi everyone, I hope this month has brought you a new wave of appreciation for this new world around us. It sure did for me as I got to see the seasons change in a lovely part of Auckland I hadn’t lived in before. This next time-slip book is an interesting title that takes you to Scotland and… well, I won’t say anymore because that would spoil it for you!! Have a read and find out for yourself!!

The Blitz next door in large red, orange, yellow letters. Cathy Forde along edge. black white images of two boys and girl running under. spitfire planes behind at top.
An interesting read

Title: The Blitz next door

Author: Cathy Forde

Genre: Fiction – timeslip

Publication details: Floris Books; Edinburgh, 2015

ISBN: 9781782502036 (Paperback) 

What this book is about: Pete is starting a new life in Clydebank after having to leave his old life in London behind. The one thing that’s remotely of interest is the real-life bomb shelter in his garden. He’d even be ok with the girl next door crying all the time – except there is no house next door. It seems Beth has returned from the Second World War for a reason. Can Pete help her to solve a mystery that has lain hidden since the Clydebank Blitz?

My review: Ann eerie and spine-tingling time-slip mystery that will have you gripped till the end!! I enjoyed this book on many levels as Cathy Forde had taken the effort to describe in detail the Blitz that took place in Clydebank during the Second World War along with the modern day Clydebank. The characters are very realistic and likable. Reminiscent of Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce, Cathy Forde’s novel will take you to those dark days of World War Two when Hitler’s bombs were dropped into every corner of the United Kingdom and tells the tale of those who survived it. An awesome read suitable for history buffs like me!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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