Bridge of time by Lewis Buzbee

Hello all, this first post is about a really interesting title that grabbed me from the front cover to the end. Don’t you think that image is mesmerising? I tried to see between the two and failed, which in turn led me to read the book and fall in love with our two heroes instead. Have a read and see if it happens to you!

Bridge of time black letters in right top corner. image of Golden Gate bridge in left,. looks as if superimposed with several images of it. boy and girl with backpacks at bottom right looking at it.
A time-slip novel

Title: Bridge of time

Author: Lewis Buzbee

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Feiwel & Friends; NY; 2012

ISBN: 9780312382575 (Hardback)   | 9781466804357 (eBook)

What this book is about: Best friends Lee Jones and Joan Lee have a lot more in common besides their flipped names. Out on a class trip to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, they each learn their parents are getting divorced. What follows is an afternoon nap in a lighthouse, walking up to find the Golden Gate Bridge gone and meeting a young man named Sam Clemens, who is on the run from a mysterious stranger. Lee and Jordan are bursting with questions about their whereabouts but the most important one they keep asking themselves is: Will life “ever” be the same?

My review: A great adventure read!! Edgar nominee Lewis Buzbee created a time-slip adventure where two middle schoolers fall through a crack in their timeline and end up several decades in the past. The two best friends in this story end up meeting a young man named Sam Clemens and tumble from one mystery to another adventure. When I read that line, “…a young man named Sam Clemens..” I almost fell from my chair!! The story started twisting and turning and took us deeper into the bowels of 19th century Chinatown!! I must say one thing here, reading of an older San Francisco was fascinating!! I won’t be giving out any spoilers but I must say this one thing, don’t stop reading until you get to the end!! There’s more than one surprise and you’ll need to pay attention!! An amazing read that kept me guessing right until the very end!!

My rating: 4 ½ ⭐

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