Seven stories up by Laurel Snyder

Hi everyone, winter is making her voice heard here in the picturesque corner of Auckland I call home. How I wish I could be with my sister in England as she welcomes summer!! This next title is actually a summer read but our young heroine finds herself slipping back in time to when her gra… Woops!! Sorry…I’m doing it again!! Will you be brave and find out what happens next?

two girl looking down from window. girl with dark curly hair holding face with hands. girl in blue dress holding kitten standing behind. Seven Stories Up in yellow letters above them.
An intriguing novel

Title: Seven Stories Up

Author: Laurel Snyder

Genre: Fiction – time-slip

Publication details: Random House Children’s books; NY, 2014

ISBN: 9780375969171 (Hardback)   |   9780375899997  (ebook)

What this book is about: Annie Jaffin and her mom have arrived at the drive of the beautiful, crumbling Hotel Calvert. It also happens to be the home where her grandmother lives, awaiting the end of her life. Although young Annie is disappointed when she meets her grandmother at first, what happens that night makes her change her mind. Something unexplainable happens during the night. Annie’s still in the Hotel Calvert, but it is in 1937 – and she is going to meet her grandmother again, in a whole new way. Laurel Snyder brings her signature blend of reality and magic to Seven Stories Up. Annie’s story will ignite the imagination and leave readers with questions about what they might do if they could meet a grown-up as a kid!

My review: Wow!! An amazing book!! All about families, love, and the power of friendship!! The time-slip element gives an additional layer to the whole story with some stunning descriptions of life during the late 1930’s. For me, the way Laurel Snyder managed to portray this historic context from the point of view of a child, especially one that had not been aware of it, was quite captivating. Poignant and powerful, Seven stories up sure packed a punch of a story!! Filled with laughter and tears, girls of all ages will enjoy it especially! 

My rating: 5 ⭐

Additional notes: This title is the companion book to Bigger than a bread box by Laurel Snyder. Let me know if you manage to find both titles and any comments on them!!

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