Dear diary… it’s June now

Hi there, it’s the beginning of June! I hope everyone has slumbered out of lockdown alright. Down here in New Zealand we’ve just come out of our lockdown period and easing back into ‘normal’ life. With all the changes that have taken place, both outside of my world as the seasons shift and inside myself, I wanted to change up my selections for this month. This month you will find all the reads told in the style of diary entries.

Yes, that’s right. All of the protagonists of these reads have written down their innermost thoughts and we see their tales play out in the form of diary entries. I thoroughly enjoyed compiling the selection of reads up for you as I’m a diary writer myself.

three grid at top. left image of different text on sheet. middle of two pink books. right of writing on pages. bottom grid of vintage pattern with Dear Diary... on top left in black letters.
Diary pages…

All of the things I can’t express out loud are so much easier written down where no-one else can read them!! I have been keeping a diary/journal since those few years I went to boarding school and haven’t stopped. For me, it helped me put down the daily events in my life, strong emotions I had been feeling that day or just a place to vent my frustrations against the world. At times I might have started gratitude journals but they all end up being forgotten so into my diary these go too. Call it journalling, diary writing or just scribbling down your thoughts, this form of writing gives you so much in return that some might even call it therapeutic. I’m not a medical professional but I must tell you now that it helped me immensely through some tough times in my life. 

The titles for you this month have this in common along with the type of character; a strong and courageous young girl. Sometimes she might hail from a different time and place, but she is definitely someone who has something to share about her life. 

So dear friend, have a sit down in a comfy corner and proceed through to these fascinating reads!!

Enjoy your reading!

Miss Mahee

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