Let’s be kind this August

Hi everyone, as the title suggests, I want to challenge everyone to be a little bit kinder this month. And how do you wonder does this relate to this month’s blog posts? Well… I’m glad you’re curious about that, why not press the button to find out…

blue box with white flowers and yellow letters of quote. 'Be kind to everyone including yourself' in cursive lettering.
Inspirational Kindness Quote

So this month I thought I’d bite the bullet and feature books that fall under the general umbrella of kindness. To begin with, I need to explain to you what “Kindness” means to me. It’s not just a smile from someone, a helping hand when I’m stuck, or even holding a door open. For me, kindness lies in the micro-environments of my daily life. A fleeting kiss or cuddle from a little niece, the random stranger that lets me ahead of them into their lane while I drive to work, or just sharing a meal together!! 

four-grid box. top left elderly man and women sharing ice cream tub. top right yellow background with brown splodge of paint with letters across 'Be kind to everything that lives.' bottom left hand holding yellow small flower. bottom right young girl seated on floor stroking grey cat with red bag beside her.
Moments of kindness

Having brought up in a Buddhist family, I’ve been taught to be kind to not just everyone around me but also to all the creatures, so you can imagine growing up where even annoying ants were just escorted out of the house instead of ….well….killed. So from a young age, I learned to be tolerant, accepting and grateful to all things and people around me as I grew up. 

The young protagonists in the reads this month embody most of these qualities. They show tolerance, acceptance, respect and practice kindness in the face of adversity and prejudice. A few of these titles are written by award-winning authors so I’m giving you some pretty exclusive reviews!! I hope you enjoy the inclusion of the adult non-fiction book towards the end of the month!! Both of my parents went a bit crazy trying to out read the other when I let them borrow it!! 

I hope this selection of reads this month leaves you happy and inspired. If you can think of any other similar titles, please let me know!! 

Enjoy your reading!!

Miss Mahee

light blue grey background. small plant sprouting from ground. white words superimposed over plant. 'Be kind to everything that lives.'
Inspirational quote

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