The power of harmony by Jan L. Coates

Hi everyone, welcome to my first post for this new month. In this read I’ll be asking you to delve into the not-so-distant past and travel to a region of this world that I would like to travel to someday: Canada. I had read this title a few years ago but the message it gave out still remains in my heart. Check out the post below if this interests you…

The power of harmony in purple letters across image of sky behind letters. shadows of two girls at bottom of cover. Jan L. Coates in white at bottom.
An engaging read

Title: The power of harmony

Author: Jan L. Coates

Genre: Fiction – Historical

Publication details: Red Deer Press; Ontario; 2013

ISBN: 9780889954953  (Paperback)

What this book is about: Jennifer’s dream is to become a famous singer – except she’s terrified of singing in public. Ever since her best friend moved Jenn is now the target of the bullies in her school. When a native girl, Melody, starts school there, her bullies start pestering Melody instead. Despite what others around her say about the natives, Jenn discovers that Melody is not that different to her. Set during the late 1960’s in Springhill, Nova Scotia, this story of bullying, faith, and friendship, perfectly captures the time and place as young Jennifer struggles to find her voice and ultimately discovers the power of harmony. 

My review: A brilliantly written book!! I found some excellent description in setting the scene for us during the 1960’s in this read. I have never been to Nova Scotia but this book, despite being set in a different time, piqued an interest in me. The characters of Jenn and Melody are quite distinct, they both enjoy books and reading as well as music. I found myself drawn into their world and hooked from chapter to chapter. For me, I guess the prevalent theme is one of acceptance in this book. Despite all they go through, Jenn and Melody’s friendship overcame it all through the power of music and friendship. A good read!!

My rating: 4 ⭐

Additional notes: This book was nominated for the Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children’s Literature in 2014. 

2 thoughts on “The power of harmony by Jan L. Coates

  1. In these strange covid times, with so much uncertainty as to the future of publishing among other things, reading your review, including that you read the book twice!!, really made me happy. I do hope you’ll get to come to Canada one day. Here in Nova Scotia, we’ve essentially had 0 cases for several weeks, for which I’m grateful. I believe New Zealand has also been able to stay on top of the virus? If you ever want to read my novel as a book club for tweens, I’d love to chat with them via Zoom sometime. Thank you so much:) Jan Coates


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my review!! NZ is managing the virus situation and I am lucky enough to go to work as well. I will pass on your kind offer to the children’s librarian at my library here in Auckland. Stay safe!!


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