How kindness actually works

Hi everyone, well.. August is drawing to a close and taking the colder weather with it. Our days in Auckland are a little bit longer as we head towards the end of winter and tendrils of spring begins to emerge. With this I want to give you my final book review for this month: an adult non-fiction read. For those who have been waiting, look no further…

white background. The Five Side Effects of in black letters at top. Kindness in blue. Feel better, be happier & live longer in black letters. hand holding red heart in bottom right edge. David R. Hamilton in orange across top.
An interesting title!

Title: The Five Side Effects of Kindness

Author: David R. Hamilton

Genre: Non Fiction – Self help

Publication details: Hay House; 2017

What this book is about: Scientific evidence has proven that kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system, is an antidote to depression and even slows the ageing process. We’re actually genetically wired to be kind. In The Five Side Effects of Kindness, David Hamilton shows that the effects of kindness are felt daily throughout our nervous system. When we’re kind we feel happier and our bodies are healthiest. 

In his down-to-earth and accessible style, David shows how:

💛 Kindness makes us happier

💛 Kindness is good for the heart

💛 Kindness slows ageing

💛 Kindness improves relationships

💛 Kindness is contagious

My review: What a lovely book this was!! Some of the anecdotes moved me and almost reduced me to tears!! I liked how Hamilton didn’t use too much jargon to explain medical concepts and described his findings in language that flowed well. I enjoyed how Hamilton uses concepts from Buddhist meditations to explain aspects of his ‘side effects of kindness.’ Each chapter has a summary of the important points too if you feel you need to go over them before embarking on the next one. For me, this book showed me the true impact on acts of kindness vs thoughts of kindness. When I decided to show it to my parents they both actually fought to read it once they’d started!! To be honest, I think my dad is getting a bit healthier now!! (Or it could be the absence of salt in his meals!!) This truly is a remarkable read and I think everyone should try and find it to give it a go!! The book, that is!! (Not the no salt thing unless checked with a doctor please!!)

My rating: 5 ⭐

If anyone has read any other similar reads to this, please let me know!! I’m always on the hunt for a good book to share with my family!!

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