What inspires me

Hi everyone, in this extra post I wanted to tell you about some of the things that inspire me to become a better person, live happier and motivate me to do good everyday. I hope this post gives you a small insight into the things that have shaped the human being behind this blog. 

five-grid box of images. top left image of bay and hills with blue sky small beach visible. underneath image of elephants near river. bottom image of large tree. large image on bottom right of pale pink rose and small bud behind it. top grid has dark background and pink letters in cursive saying 'Nature in all it's beauty...'
Nature and her glory

Firstly, I want to acknowledge the natural world as something I find inspiration in everyday. From the first ray of sunshine that creeps through my window, the birds in the sky and the flowers that bloom in my father’s garden, I tend to see beauty unfold and find it just a marvellous miracle. From my younger days in Africa to travels through Asia, Europe and now New Zealand, the myriad of landscapes and climates have allowed me to experience a unique snapshot of our natural world. I have been privileged in seeing lions lazing in the Serengeti, hear bird calls in Sri Lanka, and peek at a shy kiwi bird in Auckland Zoo! All these experiences exploring the natural world inspires me as the land around me with all life forms just live their lives despite the impact we as humans are responsible for.

image of woman holding book inside library. lights above. woman in black and flowery dress with bright orange lanyard around neck.
Reading at work…

This next one might not be a straightforward one for some but it is for me. My work as a librarian is something that helps me find inspiration everyday!! No, I’m not talking about the books I put away, read, or recommend! It’s the people I serve, even some of the less pleasant customers give me chances to find something good and ways to inspire them with. I find that when I’ve helped someone it gives me motivation and inspiration to continue to do good. All the things I learn at work inspires me to strive ahead and achieve as much as I can. Despite having worked in public libraries for almost 17 years I’m still learning and finding inspiration every day. 

stack of six books on top of bed with window behind. colours of white, dark pink with gold, blue and black on spines of books. images of people and words along spine either horizontal or vertically spaced.
Book to read

Ok, yes the third one is books. Well, why not. Many people will claim that when they read a specific type of book they find inspiration. For me, it’s all kinds of books. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction,  physical books or ebooks, children’s, teens, picture books or textbooks. I end up learning all kinds of lessons and find inspiration in almost every single book I read. The one type that I tend to avoid are those really chunky fantasy reads!! My 20-year-old self will tell you differently but now that I’m in my 40’s I tend to find inspiration in other genres!! 

four grid of images. top left of music sheet. top right image of collection of cards and pamphlets. bottom left image of social media icons. bottom right image of map with passport. small box in middle in brown/grey with yellow writing 'Media that inspires me.'
Media that inspires me

The fourth one is multi media. By this I mean things other than books; like magazines, newspaper articles, postcards, maps, stickers and fridge magnets!! I even find inspiration even in crosswords and sudoku puzzles. I guess being a collector of words, whenever something consists of words crosses my path I find inspiration in it!! Social media does play a part but only a small part as I only started participating in the past few years. Some TED talks and podcasts are interesting but I am unable to watch these for too long as it strains my eyes!! This is when music helps me. I suppose that’s another form of media that inspires me too. 

four-grid box. top left image of elderly couple eating ice cream looking at each other. bottom left group of people walking on street. bottom right three women dressed up in bright costumes. top right box yellow with blue shape and letters in black in middle 'Friends and family who inspire me.'
My family and friends

This next one consists of the people around me. My family mostly. Mind you they do drive me crazy most times but boy do they inspire me to be a better sister, daughter, aunt and everything in between. My brother’s impromptu realisations on managing emotions, my sister’s words of encouragement and my parent’s support all inspire me every day. Without my family I don’t think I’d have half the courage to pursue anything. Also I must shout out to all those I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. Many have helped push me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to pave my own career path that I’m glad I’m treading on. I can’t think of a world without the amazing group of  humans I call my fellow librarians!! 

And lastly, myself. When I take care of myself and know that I’m content with what I have, I find myself open for inspiration. Sometimes it’s hard as not everyday turns out the way you plan it, but there are moments when you come across something that helps you feel inspired and motivated. Calming myself and finding my centre helps me most days. I suppose it’s like meditation. Being mindful of who you are and being true to yourself means you’re there for yourself. I find this inspirational!! 

four-grid box. top left image of young girl looking through binoculars. bottom left of woman smiling from inside room. top right woman with hat under Eiffel Tower. bottom right young girl stroking cat. small brown box in middle with white letters inside 'I am my own inspiration!'
A few images of me

Well, this is all I have. I know there are a lot of teachers, gurus, and leaders out there who are able to create inspiration in others with so many other things, lessons and words. These are mine. 

I’d love to hear of the things that bring inspiration to you!! Stay safe everybody!!

Miss Mahee

background image of mountains and evening sky with clouds in grey and orange in sky. blue mountains behind forested hillsides. white letters of quote in middle of image. quote says 'Have great hopes and dare to go all out for them. Have great dreams and dare to live them. Have tremendous expectations and believe in them.' by Norman Vincent Peale
Something to think about…

4 thoughts on “What inspires me

  1. What a lovely post! I’d be lying if I didn’t say that you have been my inspiration for many things in my life. And that’s not just because you’re my sister but because you’re an amazing role model and best friend too!


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