The Hijab Boutique by Michelle Khan

Hi everyone, this last post for this month is a cute little book that I found which spoke straight to my heart. Vibrant and mesmerising, this read will take you straight into the life of a unique young girl that captures your heartstrings!! 

large background of brick wall. sign above shop window in middle. sign has pink lettering 'The Hijab Boutique.' window has three panels with images of ladies wearing different coloured hijabs. flowers along bottom of window and has blue panel above.
A sweet read

Title: The Hijab Boutique

Author: Michelle Khan

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: The Islamic Foundation; UK, 2014

ISBN: 9780860374688  (Paperback)   |   9780860374947  (ebook)

What this book is about: Farah enjoys her private girls’ art school and having fun with her friends. That is, until the day she’s given an assignment to bring in something representing her mother to talk about for “Inspirational Women’s Day.” Compared to her friends’ glamorous actress, makeup artist and tap-dancing mothers, Farah doesn’t think her modest hijab-wearing mother would have something worth sharing with her classmates. However, Farah soon changes her mind.

My review: What a cute story!! Only five chapters long but with a very powerful message about the choices that Muslim women make. I learned so much from this short book about Islam and its role for women. I know that it’s really a peaceful religion and doesn’t have that many strict rules about head covering. What I didn’t know was that girls could choose when to start wearing the hijab. That was something new to me!! Such a lovely story, great characters and I truly loved the all-girls school setting!! Michelle Khan’s debut chapter book is truly an amazingly written book!! This is also a good read for those who are struggling with reading as it’s set in a very easy to read format.

My rating: 4 ⭐

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