Celebrating African American tweens this October

This month I’ve decided to showcase a unique collection of tween novels that celebrate young African American protagonists and their lives! You will find a selection of contemporary stories that sparked my curiosity and wonder this month. To find out more press the button…

These tween reads brought me to tears, left me in stitches as I laughed, but all of them gave me something to think about. We talk about discrimination, segregation and prejudice when we think of classic reads featuring African American characters, and these are valid topics that need to be discussed, particularly in the current world we live in now. It’s vital that parents and teachers begin such conversations with their tweens and teens. For me, growing up in the African continent, I was brought up to treat everyone as equals. Even those young Zambian people that worked for my father. The terms discrimination and prejudice came into my life only after I left the continent!! 

Four-grid image with large circle in middle. top left image of girl in silhouette with blue yellow sky behind her. top right image of pink orange sky and water image of boat and people at bottom edge of image. red letters at top Zane Hurrica visible. bottom left image of young girl in profile. Be and X in yellow showing on blue background. bottom right image of girl on bicycle along road with half of image in black and white of shop fronts. red and blue letters he/ke/ritan visible on blue sky. circle in middle has words in caps 'Celebrating African American Tweens.'
Reads to enjoy

I hope the selection of titles this month piques your interests as it did mine. The youngsters in these reads have taught me some vital life lessons along the way too. Some of the extra reads this month took me a while to find as Auckland went into another lockdown during August and it took me a little longer to acquire and read the books I needed!! 

If anyone has any more suggestions, please let me know. This theme of African American stories is one I find fascinating and my TBR list for this is fairly extensive!!

Happy reading and stay safe!!

Miss Mahee

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