The Laura Line by Crystal Allen

Hi everyone, this lovely read caught my eye a few years ago and after reading it gave me a yearning to look into my own family history. Sadly, it will take me a little longer to find my own genealogy, but thanks to this book it got me interested in the subject. Hope it gives you the same spark of curiosity as it did me!! Have a read of a truly lovely story…

Image of large tree with cloudy sky behind. middle shape of fancy scroll with The Laura Line inside in red/brown letters. Crystal Allen in white underneath this. above title seven oval shapes with images inside. top most oval has colour image of young African American girl in pigtails. other six has black silhouettes of profiles of women. on ground baseball glove and bat.
A tale of family

Title: The Laura Line

Author: Crystal Allen

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Balzer + Bray; NY, 2013

ISBN: 9780061992742  (Hardcover)  |   9780062208446  (ebook)

What this book is about: Laura Dyson wants two things in life: to be accepted by her classmates and to be noticed by ultracute baseball star Troy Bailey. But school life is never fair as everyone teases Laura about her weight. Until one day, their history teacher announces a field trip to the run-down slave shack on her grandmother’s property and puts Laura further into misery! Despite her grandmother insisting that the little building is a monument to the strong women in their family – the Laura Line – Laura is sure her classmates will never accept her once they see the shack. As she concocts a plan to get the trip cancelled, a careless mistake puts the shack -and the Laura Line- in jeopardy and Laura must decide what’s truly important to her. 

My review: An amazingly written story of self-discovery and acceptance, unwavering friendship, and the deep roots of one amazing family. I truly enjoyed reading this story!! Laura’s voice is quirky, funny, and unique!! The way she describes things and places transports you there and you find yourself plodding along behind this young girl and into her life. I like how it portrays the maternal lineage of strong and fearless African American heritage along with the daily occurrences in young Laura’s life now. These kinds of stories; with strong relatable young girls, are ones I look out for and enjoy reading the most!! (I found myself yearning to find something  half as interesting in my own family history and failed. Must keep digging!!) An amazing read for all ages!! Another cool author to look out for!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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