Zane and the hurricane by Rodman Philbrick

Hi everyone, this first review post features one of the worst natural disasters to hit North America in these modern times: Hurricane Katrina. If you like me were curious as to why it was claimed as ‘the worst’ this book will be able to give you some of the answers…

cover image of blue and wispy clouds in sky. Rodman Philbrick in white letters across top. Zane Hurricane in large red letters with And The in blue and smaller letters between them with sky in back. image underneath of floodwater submerged houses with roofs showing, tendrils of smoke rising from behind roofs. foreground image of canoe being paddled by man and two boys and dog.
An engaging read

Title: Zane and the hurricane: a story of Katrina

Author: Rodman Philbrick

Publication details: The Blue Sky Press; NY; 2014

ISBN: 9780545342384  (Hardcover)

What this book is about: Zane Dupree was visiting his relatives in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Unexpectedly separated from his family, Zane and his dog, Bandit, experience the terror of Katrina’s wind, rain, and rising waters. After narrowly escaping death Zane and Bandit find themselves rescued by an elderly musician and a scrappy little girl. Facing the chaos left behind in the submerged city, Zane and his friends embark on an engrossing adventure of survival. 

My review: A powerful story of one of the most deadly natural disasters to strike America seen through the eyes of a young African American boy and his dog. The human toll taken by Hurricane Katrina seemed so far away back in 2005 but after reading this I almost felt as if I was there with Zane as he was rescued from his great-grandmother’s home in New Orleans by True and Malvina. What an amazing, moving, and heartfelt story this is!! A bit gruesome in some places but that was the reality of that event!! This was my first encounter of some powerful writing. Despite the darkness and terror of the situation there were some funny scenes mixed in with sad ones!! An amazing read that kept me gripped until the end!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

Additional notes: This title was nominated for the Pennsylvania Young Readers’ Choice Award  for Grades 6 to 8 in 2016. Rodman Philbrick is also a Newbery Honor medalist! 

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