December is for libraries and all things literary

Hello and welcome all to the last month of 2020!! We actually made it! Hands up if you still feel you’re in July! Everyone at my work is lamenting the fact that we didn’t feel the time passing us by but we just had to look around at all that we had accomplished to realise the year is actually coming to an end. I know you’re wondering what exactly does that title mean up there….

image of books on shelves from right side to left where image is out of focus. in middle in white letters To the Library!
Calling all bibliophiles!

Well… it means what it says!! I’ve finally decided to showcase the one thing that makes me get up in the morning: going to work at the library and reading!! Working with books all around me is something that is not just therapeutic for me but exciting as well. Mainly because I get to see and read the new ones that come in everyday, but I also get to meet some amazing people there on a daily basis. There is never a dull moment for me as the library I work in is basically a community hub with groups using our meeting room, school visits, storytimes, author talks and most recently after the impact of Covid-19 on the world, a job cafe run by a local organisation, to name a few of the many events we cater for.

Books have been part of my life as far as I can remember. Without books I guess you can say I’d be like a fish out of water!! This month’s posts will showcase children’s books about books, libraries, librarians and everything in between. Burning issues such as book censorship and the relevance of libraries in an ever-evolving digital era will be touched upon. For those who are interested, a personal note about my own journey into librarianship may be added, depending on time. More on this will be divulged later on in the coming months…

Hope you all enjoy your reading this month!!

Stay safe and for those of you meeting colder months, keep warm!!

Miss Mahee

image of lady sitting at table looking at book inside large library with brick wall above her head. quote in white letters on wall reads 'A Library is infinity under a roof.' lit chandelier at top right of image.
Inspirational quote

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