Raven’s mountain by Wendy Orr

Hi everyone, this first week’s post is about a young girl and her ordeal atop a high mountain. You’d be amazed but I’ve never been higher than the Sky tower in Auckland, so reading this gave me quite an experience. If you are an experienced climber or someone who enjoys the great outdoors, then this is the perfect read for you. If not, then make this the book to start you off today. Well…what are you waiting for…go ahead…press the button

image on cover of large blue mountain in background with young girl in white top and jeans running towards it. black raven beside her. white cursive letters across bottom reads Raven's Mountain. across white sky at top reads Wendy Orr.
An engaging read

Title: Raven’s mountain

Author: Wendy Orr

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Allen & Unwin; East Melbourne, 2010

ISBN: 9781742374659   (Paperback)

What this book is about: Raven and her family have gone on a climbing trip to the Colorado mountains. She is first to reach the mountain top. Her sister Lily, and step-dad Scott are still climbing the trail below. She is alone on top of the world. So what does she do? She does a dance, because if you can climb a mountain you can do anything! But then there is a rumble and the earth shakes. Rocks are falling, and so is Raven, in a terrible tumble down the side of the mountain. When she comes to, no one answers her calls. The rockfall is covering the trail where she last saw Lily and Scott. Wendy Orr tells the dramatic story of a girl who goes beyond her limits to save her family – and on the way, discovers a mysterious bond with a family of bears and a raven. 

My review: A really great survival story from the point of view of a young teenage girl. I’d always read these types of stories with boys as central characters and this was one told with a more feminine angle to it. The wildness of the mountainside, the wildlife and harshness of nature is vividly described. I almost felt young Raven’s pain and anguish as she tried and struggled to survive through her own pain while finding the strength to help her family. The descriptions and imagery in this read shows the undeniable strength of one young girl’s determination in Wendy Orr’s expert storytelling. If you enjoyed her best-selling Nim’s Island, you will truly like Raven’s Mountain!! Perfect for anyone who enjoys the wildness of our natural world!!

My rating: 5 ⭐

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