Into the hurricane by Neil Connelly

Hi everyone, this week’s post, as the title suggests, tells the tale of how two teenagers survive a hurricane. This is a book that covers quite a number of dark themes and I would suggest parents and teachers read it first before allowing your teenager. Despite this tiny disclaimer, this is one of those stories that will keep you well awake into the early hours of the morning…

cover image of dark blue sky with dark clouds at top and bright white lightning strike in middle. image of boy thrown into air in middle. white letters across middle read Into the Hurricane.
A gripping tale of courage and survival!

Title: Into the hurricane

Author: Neil Connelly

Genre: Fiction – contemporary

Publication details: Arthur A. Levine Books; NY, 2017

ISBN: 9781338149791   (Paperback)

What this book is about: Eli and Max both have good reasons to go to the lighthouse on Shackle’s Island. For Max, it’s the rare location where she has only happy memories – so it’s the right place to scatter her dad’s ashes. For Eli, it’s the highest point near his Louisiana home, with the clearest view of the rocks where his sister died – so it’s the right place to end his own life as well. But neither of them expected the other at the lighthouse, nor the full fury of nature gone mad. As Hurricane Celeste roars toward Shackle’s Island its power destroys bridges and stirs up deadly wildlife – some of it human. When the ruthless Odenkirk family steals Max’s jeep, she and Eli begin a desperate quest to get it back and escape the island… until they realize that to survive, they must go into the hurricane. 

My review: This is not your average survival story!! With every page the reader faces heart-pounding, non-stop action. I found both Eli and Max to be a pair of relatable characters. This story kept me gripped until the end. I would suggest this is better suited for older teens as some content is quite dark and traumatic. That’s how I felt as an adult and librarian!! Despite that, the vivid description of the storm and the fury of nature released is stunning!! I felt myself being dragged in the wake of these two strong and courageous teenagers!!  

My rating: 4 ⭐

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