Book covers for March

Why you should judge a book by it’s cover

Hi everybody, this month has a ‘bookish’ theme to it. I aim to delve into the topic of book covers. I know, it doesn’t sound quite ‘literary’ to hardcore bibliophiles, but I’m sure you wonder if my choice of reads are dependent on their covers. You might be right, or…maybe you should read ahead to find out my reasoning…

stack of six books on top of bed with window behind. colours of white, dark pink with gold, blue and black on spines of books. images of people and words along spine either horizontal or vertically spaced.
Book to read

Okay, you got me!! I do tend to judge books by their covers quite a bit. However, in my defense, the modern book cover has exceeded in design, and I can’t help but go for the interesting looking ones!! This month I’ll be taking you on a journey through a few titles whose covers told me quite a different story to the actual content inside. I hope you enjoy the selection of reviews I have in store for you!!

image of woman holding book inside library. lights above. woman in black and flowery dress with bright orange lanyard around neck.
Reading at work…

With my intention of scrutinising book covers, I decided to do some research into the history into book covers or ‘dust jackets’, as they are known in the trade. I found some tomes in the Auckland Libraries that gave me some interesting insight and I hope to share a little about this in a discussion post of sorts where I will talk about my thoughts on the subject. 

If you stick around until the last few weeks of this month you might be in for a treat in the form of a personal post with my own writing!! I hope you enjoy the posts this month as I spent quite some time on them! I look forward to hearing any of your thoughts and comments on your perspective when it comes to book covers.

Stay safe and keep reading,

Miss Mahee

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