April is for Graphic novels

Hi everyone, welcome to the month of April. The seasons are changing here in New Zealand, and after a couple of scary lockdowns here in Auckland, life is slowly returning to working pace. As my title suggests I plan on showcasing titles that have been made into graphic novels this month. For those who enjoy this popular format, this month is all for you!!

Okay, to begin with, a few questions. Would my adult followers know the difference between a graphic novel and a comic book? And, if you had said “comic book” to a graphic novel in front of your tween/teen, did you by any chance get a vile look from them?? Well, looks like you need a bit of clarification then. 

There’s actually a distinct difference between the two. Graphic novels are longer and tend to have a complex story which would span at the most one or two books. Comic books tell their stories over many issues – mostly shorter – over a long period of time. I won’t bore you with any more details but just know that I am falling in love with the graphic novel format that’s gaining in popularity in Auckland Libraries at the moment!! I’m not sure exactly when I started liking them, maybe when I discovered Pride and Prejudice as a graphic novel or stumbled on Raina Telgemeier’s graphic format of The Babysitter’s Club!! I found that there were many themes and genres covered in this format and intend to highlight some of my findings to you this month!!

image of a four-grid with light blue circle in middle. top left image of black image with boy holding book and words in yellow New Kid. top right image of girl on orange float in blue water white words above Sunny Side U. bottom left image of dark blue sky and sea with clouds white words Lleg. bottom right image of two boys running and sailing ship behind them dark letters at top South. dark letters in circle read Graphic novels for tweens.
Graphic novels

This month’s posts will take a slightly different format. Of course I’ll make sure you have plenty of reviews to choose from in different genres.

image of girl with black hair and glasses in jean jacket giving thumbs up inside green circle. box underneath reads Miss Mahee's Booklist. light blue background around white.
Booklists for you

This month I’m boldly introducing a booklist post for all you parents and teachers out there who just want title and author suggestions without a long review. I know, it’s scary for me to not include a review but I’m going to give it a shot. You will find this little graphic to accompany any future booklist posts I share.

Towards the end I’m including a new type of post called ‘Bookish Advice from Miss Mahee’. In there you will find some advice from my librarian persona about the benefits of reading graphic novels.

light blue background with cartoon image of girl holding pencil and book sitting on top of check box with yes tick inside. piles of books and folders underneath with white background. black letters underneath read Miss Mahee's advice.
Bookish advice

This little image will accompany most of my advice posts from now on. Hope you enjoy reading them!!

So, without further ado…dive into April and immerse yourself with everything graphic novels!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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