The crossroads of should and must by Elle Luna

Hi everyone, this last week’s post is an intriguing one. One of the reasons I selected this title was for the splashes of colour on the cover. As colours go, I’m of the school who prefer a small selection on my book cover. When I saw this, the last thing I thought was ‘self-help’!! Have a read, see if you like it…

cover image only has words across middle of white patch. small image of signpost at bottom. title reads The Crossroads of Should and Must in colourful letters.
An engaging read

Title: The crossroads of should and must: find and follow your passion

Author: Elle Luna

Genre: Non-Fiction – self-actualization

Publication details: Workman Publishing; NY, 2015

ISBN: 97807651184881   (Hardcover)

What this book is about: There are two paths in life: should and must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again, and everyday, we get to choose. Starting out or starting over, making a career change or making a life change, the most life-affirming thing you can do is to honour the voice inside that says you have something special to give, and then heed the call and act. Many have travelled this road before. Here’s how you can, too. 

My review: Okay, to begin with, this had only piqued my interest because of its quirky cover, which looked like my little niece had drawn it!! At the time the little one was two-years-old and I was a bit skeptical. But after a few chapters I realised I was reading an awesome self-help book!! Elle Luna had been working for a start-up project that designed an app to help people with their email when she had an urge to buy a white room to do her art in. Inspired by notable authors and motivators, she goes on a path to follow her passion. I don’t intend on saying any more as I think I should let you make your own conclusions. All I can say is that it’s a gorgeous book, filled with bold colours, huge fonts, quotes, doodles, and heaps of line drawings. The white space around the text spoke to my heightened mind and I found myself contemplating all the ‘shoulds’ in my life!! The inclusion of the author’s photos are an inviting and refreshing addition. An awesome read!! 

My rating: 5 ⭐

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