Four Points series by Hope Larson

Hi everyone, this week’s review post is about a pair of graphic novels I found about adventure in the high seas and pirates. Yes, you read right, pirates!! Now, if you thought this would be a typical read suited for boys….well…why don’t you just read on and find out….

Titles: Compass South, Knife’s Edge

Author: Hope Larson

Illustrator: Rebecca Mock

Genre: Fiction – historical

Publication details: Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers; NY, 2016 & 2017

What these books are about: New York City, 1860. When their father goes missing, twelve year-old twins Alexander and Cleopatra Dodge join the Black Hook Gang. After an unfortunate arrest, the twins end up having to leave town to start a new life. In New Orleans, the twins are separated. Their adventures begin in Compass South when they both realize they hold the keys to a pirate treasure, which is being hunted by a nasty pirate, Felix Worley. In Knife’s Edge Alex and Cleo Dodge are reunited with their father and find out their family heirlooms reveal the location of a treasure that is their birthright. As they race across the oceans to reach their treasure ahead of their nemesis, the pirate Felix Worley, the twins’ close bond seems to be wavering. Can the Dodge twins remain close as they pursue different goals and dreams, or will their growing differences tear the family apart before the treasure can be found?

My review: What a really cool set of graphic novels these were!! High adventures in the seven seas and pirates galore in this seafaring adventure would be ideal for boys, don’t you think! The only catch is that this read has a young girl in it too!! A delightful storyline, probably set during the nineteenth century or so, with pirates and hunting for treasure! I found Rebecca Mock’s artwork exceptional and loved the colours used. The dialogue and attention to period details kept me captivated! I thought the inclusion of female pirates was quite cool and made this a joy to read!! I must confess, I read them both at least twice!! An awesome read suitable for all ages.

My rating: 4 ⭐

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