True stories in graphic novels

Hi everyone, this week’s additional post is highlighting a small selection of true stories I found in graphic novel format or nonfiction graphics to be exact. To be honest, I wanted to add a bit more, but I had to restrain myself from bombarding you all with amazing titles. So, here below I will give you a short list of titles that I enjoyed! 

The titles I’ve selected for this post are from a range of subjects that I find interesting. 

four-grid box. top left has yellow background with cartoon images of prehistoric life with white letters across top reading History of the World in Comics. top right green background with yellow box, inside dark letters read True Graphic Reads for Tweens. bottom left green background with light green letters across top reading Primates. image of three women at bottom with a monkey, gorilla and orangutan behind each one. bottom right has what looks like a portion of a comic panel. middle image of African American woman with long stick. words above her reads Show me history Harriet Tubman.
Non-Fiction Graphics

I’m sure those of you who know me, like my sister, would understand my fascination with anthropology and history. Primates is a book that gave me insight into the world of the mighty apes. It tells the stories of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas; the leading scientists of our time who are responsible for some of the biggest advances in primatology and our understanding of what makes us human. This gorgeously created graphic read showed me quite a bit about their lives and of the role Louis Leakey played in their success. I learned about the struggles all three faced in those early years along with Fossey’s tragic end in this read. 

The next book, Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom, is part of a series Show me history! The brightly coloured panels along with direct quotes here and there brought the life of Harriet Tubman to life in this read!! We get to see her youth, her life as a ‘conductor’ in the Underground Railroad, and her role in the Civil War, all in great detail. For anyone who enjoys learning about history this series, in my opinion, is a really good one to look for. 

This next one, History of the world in comics, was one that exceeded all of my expectations. My inner geek was sighing and exclaiming at every page!! This read covers the history of our planet from its beginnings leading up to the evolution of life, and the world we know of today. Yes, all life that evolved on our planet is exquisitely detailed here. And for those of you whose kids are still into dinosaurs, this is perfect for them! There are quite a few sections about the dinosaurs!! Despite my university degree, I actually ended up learning more geography in this book than any others I had read so far!! 

cover image of group of superheroes in red and white with young man in yellow sweater and jeans in middle. pink cloud like background with men in blue suits holding sparkly envelopes around them. red letters at top read What's up with James Medikidz explain depresssion.
A fascinating graphic read!

The last book I wanted to highlight is What’s up with James? This book is a part of the Medikidz series and in this adorable read they explain all about depression. Using a group of superheroes we get to learn about depression and how it affects not just our brain function, but also how it impacts on our health in the long run. I ended up enjoying this read and learning quite a bit about how the brain works. The quirky group of superheroes helped with their hilarious dialogue in every panel!! 

All of these reads get a solid 4 ⭐ from me!! 

I hope you enjoy these reads!! If you have read any other nonfiction or true stories in graphic novel format I’d love to hear from you.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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