Welcome to a July filled with letters

Hi everyone, welcome to the cold month of July. Winter is making herself heard loud and clear in my part of the world. As my title suggests, this month I’ll be exploring the world of letter-writing and featuring books written as letters. If you are someone who has had the joyful experience of receiving and sending letters, then this month’s reviews and posts are for you!!

When I was younger during the years I grew up in Africa I would receive letters from my grandmother and other relatives. We did have a phone but receiving those blue and red striped aerogram letters would always give a thrill to six-year-old me!! Then when I was in boarding school we had to write letters home. Yes, it was a mandatory activity. I remember writing to my mum about my friends, the homework that would pile up, and the constant chores thirteen-year-old me despised!! Even though the internet and subsequent instant messaging we now have via email and other social media platforms, a part of me still yearns for a good-old-fashioned letter from someone! 

Four-grid box with images. top left image of paper and envelope on table with purple flowers and fountain pen. top right image of distressed yellowy paper. bottom right image of fountain pen on top of paper with lid. bottom left image of Air Mail envelope with red and blue border and Via Air Mail stamp. brown box in middle letters in middle read The delights of letters.
To write a letter…

Are you someone who has had this amazing experience? Who did you share letters with? I’d love to hear your experiences with letters!!

So this month the books I will be sharing with you all have letter writing in common. This form of novel actually has a special name; it’s called epistolary novels. Traditionally it comprises books written entirely as letters, but now they include other media such as emails and texts. The titles I’ll be sharing will have a mixture of a few forms. I hope you forgive me for not including any teen titles this month. For those who enjoy The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, do I have a treat for you!! 

Okay then, let’s make headway into this new month of reads!!

Stay safe and enjoy the posts for this month

Miss Mahee

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