Ghostly reads for your tween

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Booklists for you

Hi friends, does your tween enjoy spooky ghost reads? If the answer is yes, then this is the week for you!! If not, I suggest you move along and look at another cat video online!! Be warned readers, none of my selections are for the faint of heart, and I say this now…well…you’ll have to read on to find out why…

four-grid box. top left has blue background of sky. mansion nestled in between trees with light and car heading towards it. white letters in top corner read Dead Voices. top right image of boy and girl standing looking at ghostly figures. white letters above them read Voices in stone. bottom right has image of blue night sky and house in middle. footsteps along pathway leads to it. lanerns along bottom. white letters in middle read Out of the Wild Night. left bottom image of old looking house with large white moon behind it. blue letters across moon read The Haunting on Devil's Den Road. green box in middle with black letters read Spooky Ghost Stories for Your Tween.
A selection of spooky reads…

I know I’ve done some spooky stories before when I first started my blog, in fact I think I dedicated the whole month of October in 2018 to it!! These books in this post were some I read not long afterwards, just to see what else was out there!! And boy did they scare the pants off me; and I’m someone who scares quite easily!! Shall we begin then…

cover image of large house and white moon behind it. brown banner at top reads Ghost Girls Book One. writing across moon read The Haunting on Devil's Den Road.
A spooky story…

This first title is actually the beginning of The Ghost Girls trilogy. The Haunting on Devil’s Den Road by Karen Chilton is not your average ghost story. Yes, it has most of the elements that make your typical tween read: a move to an old farmhouse somewhere out in beyond, local kids who are into the paranormal, and something sinister that’s lurking in the woods. However, Paige Turner’s life changes when she realises the resident ghost in her house has a connection to the vampire buried in the local cemetery!! Yes, a vampire… and no, you won’t get anymore from me!! If you consider this enough to pique your interest, have a go and let me know how it goes. This was one of those that sent goosebumps running down my arms the whole time!! Now, I can’t give you much about the rest of the trilogy as I was unable to locate them, but if you do find it before me, drop me a comment!! 

dark coloured images on cover. three kids at bottom looking up. scary looking monster at top with pinpricks of light surrounding it. large white letters in middle read Ways to see a Ghost.
An eerie ghost story

The next two are a duology. Ways to see a ghost & Voices in Stone by Emily Diamand are a pair of spooky but interesting tales of ghosts and the supernatural. We meet a pair of unlikely characters in Isis and Gray who have to battle terrifying monsters from planes beyond the grave while trying to enjoy their summer holidays and boring school lessons. Both stories are told in a unique style and I thought the writing was expertly executed. If you’re like me and prefer to read such stories during the daylight hours, I strongly recommend you do so. The descriptions and narrative had me jumping at shadows but the characters were quite likeable!! 

cover image of dark night's scene. white full moon in top middle with clouds beside. big house with lights in windows sits in middle, a pathway leads to house with footsteps on ground. gravestones line the path. at bottom pattern of waves with lanterns. yellow letters along top read Blue Balliett. white letters below read Out of the Wild Night.
An engaging read…

Out of the wild night by Blue Balliett is the next one on my list of selections. Taking us readers all the way to the island of Nantucket where ghosts are alive and are choosing to help the local kids when faced with danger. Now, we all know that there are old houses in Nantucket for real, probably with a few ghosts, so it was fairly easy for me to imagine this; but this tale spun me around a fair bit that I had to go back and reread chapters just to get my bearings. Blue Balliett’s writing has taken a lyrical style for this story and had me captivated within its pages even if it was slightly confusing!! A great stand-alone story of family and loyalty with a dash of the paranormal thrown in!!

cover image has dark black trees along edges. branches at top spell out title Small Spaces. scary looking scarecrow hangs out from right tree. middleground has fields with large yellow school bus. sky behind almost purple in colour.
An eerie tale…

Right, these last two by Katherine Arden, Small spaces and Dead Voices are the original pair I wanted to showcase but I left them for last. The main characters of Ollie, Coco and Brian find themselves tangled up in a tantalizing and terrifying nightmare of an adventure!! The one thing I will tease you with is that the adventure starts with a book!! Each story takes the kids on a hair-raising journey with a gripping storyline that moves steadily thanks to Arden’s creative narrative and dialogue!! I read both of these as ebooks so I was glad when my phone’s battery ran low which gave me the perfect excuse to stop reading!! If you like ghost stories with twists and turns at every page this set of reads are definitely ones you should try!! The best part is about this is that I don’t think Arden is done with these characters; so keep your eyes peeled for more!!

Well, there you have a small selection of spooky ghost stories from me. If you know any more, I’d love to hear from you. 

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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