A poem on the Pacific Islands

Hi everyone, this week’s post is a piece of poetry about the different Pacific Islands that jot around New Zealand. I hope you enjoy these words as I was just beginning to form poems at  that time…

As with my previous poems, this was written during my university days when I was learning about the country I was living in along with her neighbours: the many Pacific Islands. 

light blue background. two images of coastal settings. top image of palm trees, boat, sea and slightly darker sky. bottom image of palm trees, sea, mountain with blue clouds. large pink cursive letters read Those Pacific Isles.
My poetry…

Those Pacific Isles

Rivers are deep and fathoms wide  
Jungles thick and do they hide  
Mountains high they touch the sky  
Myths of golden ages go by  
Lie abundant on these abundant Pacific Isles

Belonging to many lands afar  
Their tongues always differ  
But their beauty bestills my heart  
As the people’s smiles glisten! 

Some friendly and willing to give  
Their time to please me  
Others that hide, afraid as their ignorance is bliss  
Of my world, far from theirs, across the seas!!

Shimmering sands do glisten their beaches  
Their tales of old have much to teach us,  
For you see, despite the dazzling dimple, 
Their lives are pleasantly simple.

Aqua coloured lagoons do show  
The expansivity of the atoll  
That makes up exotic Fiji  
Or even Tongan isles so deep!  

Many more isles do dot and spread  
Across the mighty Pacific breadth, 
Down every beach of these isles idyllic  
Sway palm trees and tend to dip.

Come to see these Pacific Isles,  
A paradise of a time sublime.  
Corals surround their coasts,  
And calls to us, “Stay here, we’ve been here the most”!    

By Surani Ramachandra

I hope you enjoyed this!! Looking at this piece of writing now, I feel nostalgic for the person I was back then. Little did I know that the islands of Fiji would be the home where my sister-in-law grew up and bring so much richness to our lives!!

Stay safe and keep reading,

Miss Mahee

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