Welcome to January 2022!

Hi everyone, welcome to a brand new year!! 2022 seems to have come far too soon in my opinion. Most of my resolutions from last year have followed through to this one and I’m going to try my hardest to complete them!! However, this month’s posts won’t have anything to do with New Year’s resolutions or reflections. It will be about a special relationship I have!! To find out more why don’t you click on the button below… 

So, this month I’m focusing on the relationship I have with my brother. If you’re someone from my family then you already know about us. For those who don’t know, my brother, who is nine years younger than me, was actually born on my birthday!! Yes, on my actual birthday which falls in the middle of January!! The funny story behind it began over thirty years ago when one of my parents’ friends had a baby boy on my eighth birthday. When we went to visit them, the cute baby fascinated me so much I asked for a baby brother for my ninth birthday… and my parents delivered…literally!! We have been sharing for the last thirty-seven years!! 

three-box grid. top image of woman and man holding hands up with cake in front of them. bottom left image of girl holding baby smiling. bottom right image of girl and boy standing and hugging in front of cakes on table. white letters across bottom edge of top image reads 'My brother, my birthday present. small print at bottom right edge reads website link MissMaheesLibraryofReads.com. '
My baby brother and I

This month’s posts are dedicated to the special relationship I have with him as an older sister. Those dynamics that work or don’t, the bond we share, and many other intricacies that make up our relationship. The tween books I’m featuring will have older sisters and younger brothers, going on adventures and growing up together. I’ll also include a personal post about my brother and the childhood we shared. A review post will make up the last week on a subject that we both are passionate about!!

I hope this is enough to excite you!! Please forgive me if I have any errors as I’m doing some extensive reading again for that literary project I’m part of!! 

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee 

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