Tweens and their changing lives this April

Hi everyone, this April I thought of venturing into the changing world we find in most tween reads. Tweens face a changing world when they leave behind their childhood and face the impending teenage years. The books I’ve collected for this month will showcase other changes they face in their young lives. Go on… you want to find out what I’m talking about…

Along with the physical and emotional changes tweens face during these years associated with puberty; some youngsters also face other changes during these years. Sometimes they might become an older sibling, others might find themselves moving house or even moving across the world. Most of the literature I’ve read always mentions how these years are markers of significant milestones in the lives of tweens. The parenting books and websites I looked at give us tips and notes on how to help your tween navigate these years with compassion and understanding. The main message that I found was that with love, support and understanding, tweens can navigate these years and grow resilience and strength to face the challenges together with their families.

The books I found feature some strong and spunky characters. I’ll be talking about tween reads for most of the month and include a personal post on a massive change I faced as I turned thirteen, all those years ago. 

I hope these books can help parents and teachers to talk about the issues and strategies the characters use to overcome their challenges or just as a starting point to other things!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

four-grid box. top left image of family carrying boxes inside room. top right box long and pink with white letters reading Tweens and the changing lives. bottom right image of two girls hugging. bottom left large image of world map with passport and camera on top of it.
Changes for tweens…

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