Let’s enjoy food this June

Hi everyone, this cooler month of June I will be featuring books on food and cooking. Two words I thought would not be popular with tween readers; but the ones I found were all quite quirky and interesting that I felt I had to share it with you. So, if you want to find out more, click below to see what’s in store for you this month…

This month’s tween selections are a quirky set of authors and titles. They range from all cultures and abilities. I hope you enjoy the different format of reads too!! I am a fan of short stories now so you’ll see a review post of a teen book of short stories involving food and a dash of mystery. The adult reads I’ve included this month are based on the works by one particular author and her extensive research on how we eat and why. I won’t go into too much detail so you’ll have to wait for that post to be uploaded!! 

Now, what this month’s posts will NOT have will be recipes and anything about my experiences on cooking. Mainly because I’m not the greatest when it comes to cooking. There, I’ve admitted it. I can do the basic stuff: scrambled eggs, pasta bakes, stir fry food and a few basic Sri Lankan meals along with baking cupcakes and small cakes. My family’s recipes are quite unique and I’m hopeless in replicating them unless one of my parents is standing next to me!! I know, it’s a bit sad!! However, I will be rectifying this situation in the near future as I take charge of my diet and change it to aid my recovery!!

If I have the time and energy, I might add a post of the chick-lit reads I’ve enjoyed with food, good-looking chefs and Masterchef-style competitions.

So dear followers, sit back and enjoy this month’s posts with something warm or cool, depending where you live!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of plate of food in white dish with orange carrot and other vegetables. faded background above. quote above reads in white letters 'Food is an eloquent way to communicate when you don't speak each other's language.'
Inspirational quote…

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