My Four Favourite Science Fiction Reads

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Hi everyone, this week’s post is another short-ish booklist for you of my favourite Science fiction reads. So friends, if you’re a fan of futuristic stories, or those set in space, then this is the week for you!!

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An exciting trilogy

The City of Ember is the first in the series, Books of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau. I know that most people would consider this a fantasy but the dystopian nature of it shines through as you read it for the second and third time. I thought all of these titles in this series were an amazing concept by a very talented author. In the first book, we meet Lina and Doon, two very strong-willed and curious youngsters who live in a city that is underground but is powered by a generator and provides them with electricity. A sequence of events leads them to fragments of an ancient map, a way out of their city. The chapters of this first book tells of their adventure into deciphering this map. The second and fourth books, People of Sparks and The Diamond of Darkhold continue Lina and Doone’s adventures in a world that is vastly different to the one they had left behind. The third title, The Prophet of Yonwood is actually the prequel to the first two titles where DuPrau describes the events that lead to the creation of the City of Ember and the reasoning behind it all. Now, if I were you, I’d actually read this title first and follow on with The City of Ember, but it’s up to you. I’m not sure when I decided this was a favourite, but the descriptions of Ember, our characters of Lina and Doon, and the growth of both of them is crafted really well for me. I suppose it was the way DuPrau wove all the books together with her underlying themes of hope, learning and the search for truth, that just made them an awesome set of reads!! 

cover image of three teens in silhouette. girl with bike and boy pointing at pylon tower struck with purple lightning strike. dark black cloud at top with white/purple letters across it reading 'Destination earth.'
An intriguing scifi read

My second selection is a title by Ali Sparkes called Destination Earth. In this read we meet a young space traveller who’s spent ten years in a spaceship learning how to be human and is about to land on earth and start a new life there. Intriguing, isn’t it? But there’s a twist: there’s a stowaway on board her ship who was responsible for the demise of her original planet, and it’s just a matter of time before it starts on the human race!! I suppose if you’ve been following my blog for a while you know by now that I really like Ali Sparkes’ books and this one delivered everything I enjoy in a tween read: adventure, mystery, aliens, superpowers of sorts, a hint of romance, and a brother-sister relationship!! Without giving any spoilers, I’d give you one hint, and that is to read the Shapeshifter series once before you delve into this and you’ll be excited for this read!! 

cover image of two kids in space suits running on alien landscape on red planet with large yellow globe of sun in red sky. large white letters in middle reads 'In the red.'
An engaging scifi read

Carrying on with the theme of space the next read is one set on our sister planet: Mars. In the red by Christopher Swiedler takes the reader into the life of Michael Prasad who lives in a space colony on Mars. He knows he shouldn’t go out on the Mars surface alone. But when his best friend, Lilith, convinces him to sneak out one night, he can’t resist the chance to prove to everyone – including himself – that he can handle it. The two of them jump into a rover and leave the colony far behind. Michael forgets his worries and even has fun on the surface for the first time in years. But then a massive solar flare hits the planet, knocking out all power. Suddenly, Micheal and Lilith are stranded with no protection from the sun; a quick dwindling supply of air, food, and water; and no hope for rescue. But Micheal is sure that he can figure out how to save them both, if he can just remain calm. The journey will be perilous, but he’s willing to risk everything to get them home. This futuristic read on survival on the surface of Mars took my imagination into overdrive with its fascinating description and amazing characters in Michael and Lilith. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! 

Omega City white letters in front of white omega symbol two kids jumping across broken bridge girl hanging from ladder reaching out to boys below her
An exciting read

My last favourite is a sci-fi trilogy that began with Omega City by Diana Peterfreund. The first read takes the reader on an adventure in the steps of the Seagret siblings and their friends as they search for a long-forgotten invention by rocket scientist Dr. Aloysius Underberg. The second title, The Forbidden Fortress, continues their adventures filled with more high-tech adventures and mysteries. And the last one, Infinity Base, will take you on a wild ride out to space!! And that’s all I’ll take to describe this exciting series!! Fans of Sci Fi will enjoy this as it gives a little extra in the form of dramatic twists, family drama, and a whole lot of scientific theories smashed out into space!! I really enjoyed all three of these not just for the whole Sci Fi aspect but also for the relationships that were described, the ones between the siblings, friendships, and even those between the adults in the books! Peterfreund has some notes at the end of each which make you think of your responsibility towards the planet Earth. Just a note here, I believe there’s a longer review of these earlier in my blog for those who need a longer review!!

And so, these are my four favorite Sci Fi reads out of the ones I’ve read so far!! I’d like to add that I’m slowly enjoying this genre and I’m looking for more like this so if you know of a few I’d love to hear from you!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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