Gift ideas for your bookworm friends and family

Hi everyone, it’s getting to that time again. You know, when you start counting the days until Christmas comes round again. And following your countdown so do any ideas for gifts. This week’s post is an advice post on the types of gifts the bookworm in your life would like based on the ones I’ve received… so, why don’t you go ahead and press the button to the inner sanctum of bookish gift giving…

To start off I must inform you that what I won’t be doing will be giving you links to sites like Amazon or Etsy and prices and such information. I’m going to ask you to do that by yourself and see what you find.

purple background with four images. left top photo of dark cover with image of bright coloured book lamps. right image of white lamp and blue book lamp beside it on top of white table. bottom left image of open book on top of blue seat. right bottom image of blue book seat on multi-coloured blanket. white cursive letters at top and middle read 'Bookish gifts... for your bookworm friends!!'
Ideas for gifts…

Right, I’m going to start off with the latest bookish gift I’ve received: this really cool book lamp!! This was actually a gift I received for Christmas from a close family friend who’s also an avid reader like me. You can’t tell but, once it’s opened up it changes colour from one to another and is quite calming to look at. If I ever have a house where I can have a library of my own, this would sit somewhere on a desk or shelf inside it!! Here’s hoping the bookworm in your life has the same reaction I did!!

Gif of girl in dark hair in glasses with hearts flying above head
Love Love Love
purple background with two images in middle of two mugs. top mug white with writing across in black. bottom mug orange with writing and images. large yellow letters in middle reads 'mugs'.
A yummy gift…

These next two are ones I was given by friends from work and a close family friend. You can’t go wrong with a decent-sized mug. One of them holds a collection of paintbrushes and the other one holds my tea in the morning!! I’ll let you imagine what each mug actually does!! Another idea for gifting mugs would be to use an online picture editing software to personalize the design for your bookworm. Maybe a version of your bookworm as a librarian or as a version of their favourite book character!! This would depend on how much you know about your special bookworm!! 

blue book seat on top of multi-coloured blanket.
My blue book seat…

Ok, this one is actually something I bought for my dad when he was ill a few years ago. Mind you dad used it to place his phone and watch stuff, but it came in useful when I had that arthritis flare up so I could read in bed!! I use it every now and then when I need to do a few things while reading. It’s a great gift for someone who might have difficulty holding up a book, or when they just want to be lazy with their favourite read in bed!! You can find them in all sorts of colours that your bookworm will like. Make sure you find this out well in advance before you go buy one!!

Small pile of four notebooks in spiral one on top of other. bottom two multi-colored and black and white. top two green with stars and pale colors on top with writing acorss middle reading Notes and Dreams. grey surface of cushions below them.
Notebooks for writing

Now, when it comes to things like notebooks and stationery, you’ll always be in your bookworm’s good books!! We love this sort of stuff!! These are just a few I’ve received and bought for myself. Each one has a purpose and is allocated for something in my life. Whenever I pass the bookstore in my local mall I peek at their fashion stationery section and just have a browse; the latest releases are my first stop of course!! If your bookworm enjoys a good notebook, make sure to pair it with a small supply of pens or pencils too.  

Image of small pile of books on grey surface. bright and colourful spines of four books. bottom larger than other three above.
Inspirational gifts…

And last but not least, some books will be the best option for a gift for your bookworm!! The titles you see on this image include a few I was given by a few friends for birthday gifts. I love these inspirational books with small quotes and proverbs inside!! When I need to include something for a birthday or letter, I tend to use them. If you happen to know what your bookworm’s reading tastes are, then it’s best to give them something they will enjoy reading. Maybe the next installment in a series they’ve enjoyed or a new release by their favorite author. It wouldn’t hurt if you spend a little time with your bookworm getting to know their tastes or visit a bookstore with them so you can see what they’re interested in. If however, you’ve left your gift to the last minute, then a small inspirational book similar to the ones in the photo will be a safer choice!! 

If your bookworm doesn’t want you spending money on them, the best thing to get them would be a voucher to the local bookstore!! One of my pet peeves is having to budget my spending when I see a bookshop as I always have the need to buy something, even if it’s just a bookmark!! 

I hope these few suggestions have given you some ideas for gifts to get that bookworm in your life. One little note: if they don’t react straight away and start reading the book, that’s a sign they like it!! The hugs and tears will come later!!

So friends, that’s all from me for this week.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of tabby cat standing on top of stack of books in middle. white letters around him reads 'Reading makes you taller and smarter.' yellow box around image and dark brown behind that.
Inspirational quote…

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