Let’s talk about migrating this September

Hi everyone, this September the theme will focus on the theme of migrating. When I say ‘migrating’, I’m not actually meaning the movements of animals, but rather the movement of people across the globe over the course of time. This theme is one I have been contemplating featuring for a while, so I hope you enjoy the selections of reads I have for you this month…

So, this month’s books are all about tweens and teens who have had to migrate from one part of the world to another with their families. Somewhat similar to the experience my family and I endured in migrating from Sri Lanka to New Zealand! Oh…, my personal journey will definitely be a post this month with some of the more intimate experiences my family and I endured. 

I’ll be mixing it up a little bit this month with both contemporary fiction titles and titles inspired by true stories. The teen books will give you a slightly mature perspective on the issues faced by the young protagonists. I must confess now that I found some of these quite difficult to read but I hope my reviews give you something to think about.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of landscape of mountains and lake in foreground. sky in between mountains white and cloudy. black letters in sky reads 'Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery. Jack Parr.'
Inspirational quote…

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