Let’s travel to Australia this November

Hi everyone, I hope you are counting down the weeks until Christmas. I know I am! Mostly because at this time of year our days are longer and warmer as summer approaches. And with summer on its way, what better way to celebrate than travel a little ways with our reads!! This month I’ll be taking you to Australia! Don’t forget to stow away your bags in the overhead compartment before settling down to read this post…

Right, are you seated somewhere comfortable? Then let’s begin…

This month’s posts will feature tween reads, teen stories and even a biography about an Australian scientist of sorts! Australia has been a country I’ve been fascinated with ever since I started university and learnt about the rich history and geography of this fascinating continent!! Yes, it’s a continent as well as a country!! I won’t bore you with science-y jargon but you can always Google that fact. A personal post with a quirky twist will also accompany the booklist posts this month for your reading pleasure.

So, if this short post has grabbed your interest, then get ready for the month ahead…

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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