A birthday wish for my sister

Hi everyone, this week my younger sister celebrates a significant birthday. She ends life as a thirty-something woman and enters into her fourth decade of life!! So to present her with a gift that will be around for some time, I will be dedicating this little space on my blog this week for her!!

Well, to begin with I should start off by introducing to you my younger sister! 

four grid box. top left image of small girl in blue and red dress holding sleeping baby in lap. top right image of small girl in red and white dress with old rotary phone on floor. bottom right image of two girls holding each other and the older girl kissing small girl who's holding stuffed toy. bottom left image of small girls smiling on orange chair.
Early years with my baby sister…

Here we are as kids in Sri Lanka and Zambia. My memories of her birth are a bit vague but what I do remember is being happy I was a big sister at long last. My sister, just like my brother, was a squirmy, cuddly baby who couldn’t stay still. She still can’t and she’s now a mother to two kids herself!! Watching her grow up into a little girl and start school was an experience in itself. We spent that time growing up between two continents. Just like I did, my sister had to leave her friends in Zambia behind and make new ones in Sri Lanka. I suppose one of the things that helped her was the same-aged cousins she could bond with. Mind you, my sister, just like my brother, is another extrovert and has the same unique talent of making friends with just about anyone!! If she disagrees, then she’s seriously in denial!!

With each milestone over the years, she surpassed all of our expectations and was not just an A+ student, but also one of the most compassionate people I’ve known. This is someone who went straight from her Bachelor’s degree to qualify for a PhD in her engineering studies. Yes, this librarian has another engineer as a sibling. Whether I understand how it works is another question but it’s the pride thing that counts!! This is the reaction you’ll get!!

Gif of girl in dark hair in glasses with hearts flying above head
Love Love Love

You couldn’t tell that all that time has passed from the photos below but it has. Despite all that we’ve been through I think time has been kinder to us both as it’s been noted that we don’t showcase our ages!! Motherhood has been kinder to my sister and I hope it’s helped her mature fully into the amazing woman she is today. 

four grid box. top left image of two girls and boy smiling at camera on sofa sitting together. middle girl looks older with glasses, blue blouse and black skirt. top right image of two young women. shorter one in red top and glasses while taller girl with long hair and black top and jeans. bottom right two women smiling outside with trees behind them. one with glasses and gold necklace around neck. bottom left image of same girls a bit younger smiling indoors. older one has pink/red outfit and younger girl has dark outfit.
And then we grew up…

My amazing sister is the one person in the world who understands me, the person I truly am. She’s one of the few people who pushes me out of my comfort zone and motivates me to be a better person even though she lives on the other side of the world!! It is only fitting that I let the whole world know how much I love and admire you!! I hope this little blog post can take the place of a big present!!

Wishing an amazing fortieth birthday to an awesome, humble, and the cuddliest sister this librarian could have ever asked for!!

Have an awesome birthday Sash!!

Stay safe everyone and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of pink balloon, pennants, decorated cakes and bright pink craft thing at top. white background with red letters in middle that reads 'For my beautiful sister, on your very special day, I'm sending all of my love and best wishes your way!!'
Happy Birthday wishes

2 thoughts on “A birthday wish for my sister

  1. Oh my darling akki/big sis. You have honestly made me so happy. I’m so proud to be your sister, you’ve inspired me on so many levels and to top it off you use this space to inspire young readers. Huge hug from across the world for this lovely present.

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