Reflections for the year 2022

Hi everyone, this first week of December has arrived too quickly for my liking. Summer is always welcome but it has felt like summer since the end of October for us. I seem to have made it a habit to have a reflection post at the beginning of December, so, if you had been waiting for it, why not click below to see what I have to say…

Well, to begin with, I’ll give you a short intro to my new house. It’s a two-bedroom townhouse set over three floors not too far from work. There’s a big park close by and a couple of walking tracks in front. The train station is a short walk from my front door so if I ever want to I can just take the train to work. The whole journey will take less than ten minutes!! I’m hoping to give it a go in the coming summer weeks. 

four-grid box. top left image of man walking on walkway with trees on either side and clouds in sky. top right image of trees beside walkway and blue sky and clouds above. bottom left image of view of clouds and trees on glass reflection. bottom right woman in grey top and striped pants with gold laptop and writing on book on brown chair.
My home for now…

Although my condition has had its ups and downs over the last few months, I’m feeling quite confident in my progress. Dad and I had a couple of walks around my new place and something about that environment gives me hope for improvement on my body as a whole. 

I think I mentioned last year about how I was part of a panel to do with children’s writing in New Zealand. Well, this year will be the last time I participate and hand the torch to someone else. I feel quite privileged to have been given that opportunity. My work has been quite eventful over the last few months as we, just like almost all workplaces around the globe, had staff shortages due to Covid-related illness. Despite all these I’m proud of all we’ve achieved together as a team and what I’ve accomplished in my role. I attended a workshop earlier in the year and graduated as a Reader Leader. Basically it’s being able to lead a shared reading with a group of adults. So far I’m now part of two groups: one via Zoom and another one in the library I work for. This experience has been by far the best one I’ve had in my career to date. Making those connections with like-minded individuals while we read and talk about works of literature and poetry brings so much peace and clarity to one’s being. I hadn’t ever felt this while I was growing up in school and I’m so pleased I got the opportunity to experience this with the amazing people I’ve met in these reading groups so far. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!!

Reflecting on the different types of posts I’ve created this year had me thinking a bit about what to do next year. This year was a bit of a journey into my personal life with the stories I’ve shared about both of my siblings and what they mean to me. Those were quite emotional ones for me to write but I enjoyed crafting them. The month I dedicated to poetry was one I was quite proud of as I found quite a lot more than I intended to with the research I did. Also, I felt quite validated when The Lost Art Mysteries series author Deron Hicks himself left a comment on my blog post!!

cartoon image of woman in glasses and short black hair with eyes big and mouth open with hand almost covering mouth. purple letters beside her reads *GASP*.
Shock and awe…

Next year feels like a lifetime away doesn’t it. I’m a bit hesitant in divulging any plans yet as I’m still contemplating how I will structure some months amidst research into themes. Here’s hoping I can lock some in before this year ends!!

I think I briefly mentioned a few writing projects I intended to start with letters and a story. Well, like all intentions of mine it did start. I’ve managed to collect a few entries. (Well, I call them entries because they’re written in a small notebook!) What with my flare-ups and the house move, it has unfortunately taken a back seat for a few months. And that seed of an idea, well, it hasn’t reached a sapling stage yet due to all the other deadlines I’ve got floating around. I know, I should just sit down and start. This summer, I will most definitely start on these projects properly and create a writing routine!! 

Well, friends, I hope you enjoy the review posts I’ve included this month and I wish everyone the best for the last few weeks of 2022. May you all have a stress-free and fun time with your family and friends as you celebrate Christmas and herald in the New Year!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

light purple background with cartoon image of books in pile. Snoopy dog from Peanuts with hat and bag walking along blue book to top of pile. three birds behind him with same hats. quote underneath reads Reading is an adventure that never ends.
On reading

4 thoughts on “Reflections for the year 2022

  1. Surani, your honest sharing let’s the reader into your mind and world through your wonderful writing. I love hearing about your life and literature journey, both intertwined with threads of everyday encounters and work commitments that both effect and enhance our lives in so many ways. I feel honoured, blessed and super happy to have been a close hand spectator and hopefully, a supportive co-pilot in some of your life chapters. Your integrity as a woman, a colleague, a daughter, an aunty, a writer and community support worker, shines through in all of your scribblings. These are to be cherished and re-read over and over again. If there is one thing i know about you, is that your determination and passion will deliver all your goals, plans and achievements, so I eagerly watch this space…….

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