Celebrating Muslim stories this March

Hi everyone, this month of March I’m celebrating the many wonderful Muslim stories that are gaining popularity. Growing up I have had a few Muslim Sri Lankan friends and now living in New Zealand we meet so many who have migrated here just like we did. This month’s posts are celebrating their culture through stories by some exceptional writers. If you found this interesting, why not press the button to find out a bit more information…

I suppose I should start off by saying that it’s their culture that fascinates me. I won’t be discussing the intricacies of Islam in my posts, I will let you figure that out for yourself if you are so inclined. The first few Muslim stories I read piqued my interest in their culture, the traditions, and the family dynamics. I learned quite a bit about the basics of Islam from them and I found out more about the role women play in Muslim homes. I suppose watching Ms. Marvel with my older niece last year sealed my choice of creating a series of posts for my blog. 

I’ll start you off this month with a book list of contemporary tween Muslim reads and one on tweens not long after 9/11, the tragic event that changed our present. I’ll give you a short set of reviews from a selection of reads featuring Muslim teens as well. I hope you enjoy these as I had to be a bit picky and keep those that had inspired me the most in this one. Lastly, I’ll wrap up March with a post on short story compilations. 

Well, these are the posts I’ve got planned for you this month. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about these books.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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