A short poem of mine

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My personal work

Hi everyone, this week I will be featuring a short poem of mine from a few years back when I was visiting Sri Lanka and we were stuck inside while a huge monsoon downpour drenched my aunt’s garden. The monsoon rains in that part of the world are quite different from the thunderstorms we get here in New Zealand. This small poem was written while contemplating the difference between the two. Hope you enjoy it!!

image of small branch with bright green leaves being drenched in rain. black letters across top left reads The Smell of Rain.
My poetry…

The Smell of Rain

Sweet is the smell of rain 
Tinkering on the old tin roof 
Dripping, dropping, and in vain 
Did I start but stop it did when I moved!
So I stayed, let it start, when it felt 
To start move and out asunder 
Droplets big and small to fall and pelt 
But all I hear is the sound of thunder!
Rivulets gather on the ground 
Flowing down the footpath to the next door house 
Pattering softly the smell of rain is found 
Sweetly, sickly but lightly it does dowse!
Houses, homes and town below, 
Sounds all familiar but faintly loud 
Fill the air and play with the breezes now 
Treetops sway and colourful leaves do crowd. 

By Surani Ramachandra

I hope you enjoyed this small poem.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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