Let’s travel to Africa this April

Hi everyone, as the title of this post suggests, let’s travel to Africa with the reads I’ve selected for you!! Yes, I’m finally going to showcase what this magnificent continent has and what makes it all that special to me. So, friends, why not grab something to drink and settle in for a month of exciting books!!

So, are you comfortable?? You are, that’s awesome!! 

To start off this month I’ll be treating you to a booklist post with a selection of contemporary reads featuring a group of tweens from several countries in Africa. I couldn’t find any from Zambia, alas, but there are a few from countries not that far off from where I grew up. The second short-ish booklist will take adventure lovers into a set of reads that will have your inner Indiana Jones buzzing!! Yes, it will be a list of adventures filled with archaeology, one of my favorite combos!! The tween non-fiction title I’m reviewing for you is one that popped into my radar a while ago but my interest for it was renewed after I read Where the children take us by Zain E. Asher quite recently. You see, her brother, Chiwetel, the Oscar-winning actor, has not only performed in its movie adaptation, but also directed it!! 

The personal post this month will talk exclusively about my childhood growing up in Zambia, all the memories I have and the impact those years had on myself as a person now. I know, it might be a fairly long post, so when it turns up you will need to take some time to read it all.

Well, friends, that’s it for the month of April. I hope you all are weathering the changing seasons well.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of green hills and road carving through. blue sky with small clouds. small path and fence on right edge of image. quote in sky in white letters reads Adventure awaits those who venture ahead...
My personal mantra…

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