My New Year’s resolutions

Hello everybody and welcome to the first post for 2021!! As you can see above in my title, I intend to give you a peek into my resolutions for the year. Those who know me personally, will know that I’m terrible when it comes to keeping these and need constant motivation and gentle nudging in the right direction. Just in case I do need some extra guidance, you will find them listed below… 

So this year I’ve broken my resolutions down into a few different categories. Some are targeted towards my blogging goals, others are book/reading related and the last ones towards my personal growth. 

My first resolution is from the book/reading category.

image of open book on table with three pale pink roses across middle of pages.
Books and reading

I intend on reading from genres and topics that I’m uncomfortable or hesitant with. These would be Sci Fi reads, Fantasy stories and maybe Classics!! I’ll keep you posted with how this is going…but just in case I don’t please feel free to remind me!! 

The second set of resolutions are blog-related.

Now, I know how important social media is for blogging, but I had been a bit lazy when it came to sharing my posts. I started sharing my posts on my personal Facebook only recently!! Which is why one of my main resolutions is to try to be a bit more active on other social media platforms. Hopefully I can achieve this as this year progresses. 

image of blue phone screen with Social and media icons on front. keyboard underneath phone.
Let’s get social

I also aim to connect with book bloggers out there; maybe even join some kind of forum or something! 

If you are someone who does stuff like this regularly and is shaking your head at me, you have to understand this last year has been a strange one which threw out my carefully set out plan out the window!! My plan has gone through several revisions and most of my end goal posts have moved over the last year or so!!

And lastly, the personal ones…

Like almost every other human around me, I hope to live a healthier lifestyle by eating better, sleeping on time and taking better care of my body.

four-grid of images. top left has vegetables on table. bottom left image of cushions and pillows on bed. bottom right image of person's legs walking on track with grass on either side. top right red box with black words reading 'My healthy lifestyle resolutions for 2021.'
Healthy resolutions

I also aim to exercise more frequently to maintain my health and keep fit. I had some drastic diagnoses over the last few months after severely ignoring the warning signs my body was giving me, so this year I need to make a point in taking time for my health.

My last personal resolution is to write more. Not just for my blog, but for myself. In my journal, poetry, short stories and essays. Something that is uniquely my own voice and thoughts. 

woman in black top with glasses writing on book with blue pen front profile
Here I sit, waiting for inspiration…

Well, these are my resolutions for 2021!! If you are happy to, I’d love to hear some of your ones.

I’m pretty sure we can help each other out with achieving them!! Maybe some of you can send me a comment or two every now and then asking if I’ve taken a long walk or had a plateful of vegetables!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Stay safe and keep reading….

Miss Mahee

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