Welcome to 2021

Hi everyone, welcome to 2021!! I hope the holidays treated you and your family well! My family and I managed to spend some quality time exploring our little corner of the world and spent a somewhat quiet New Year! This year I have decided to give my blog a bit of a change in style. Instead of just book reviews I intend on adding a few extra personal touches here and there. To find out more, press the button below…

This month will have only a few book reviews along with a personal essay. For those who enjoy my personal stories, this year I plan on sharing a few more of these with you. And yes, more old and new photos!! I intend on sharing some ‘bookish’ advice from the many years of work under my belt. If you stick around long enough, I might even share some of my own writing from my younger years and the present!! 

woman in black top seated at glass table writing in book with blue pen. window behind with golden lamp behind in corner.
Writing frees the soul

I have some interesting news upcoming for my followers. I will be using my knowledge and experience in the world of children’s and middle grade fiction and be participating in an event that is fairly important in the New Zealand children’s fiction world!! This is a tremendous opportunity for me and I’ll forever be grateful to my current manager for encouraging and supporting me in this new endeavour. Since I said yes to this, my leisure reading time has been limited along with time spent working on my blog. So I do apologise if I’ve made any typos or errors anywhere!! 

I hope this month’s posts will have you thinking and giving me your thoughts on topics all to do with books in all sizes and genres. I look forward to another amazing year and hope it’s a good one for you all!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of open page on book. couple of pens by side. words on page in black ink reads Everyday is a Fresh start.
Inspirational quote

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