A little bit of my poetry

Hi everyone, this post will showcase a sample of my own writing. I have made the bold and brave move of sharing a small poem I wrote when I was in my twenties with you, my followers. So, without further ado, press the button below to have a read…

Just a short introduction.

I started writing from a very young age, only cute poems and essays of course. The short stories started when I hit my teen years. The poem I’m sharing with you today was from a burst of creativity I hit when I was in university in the late 1990’s. 

This Life of Ours

 Life is a moment surrounded in time 
To some, it shines brightly, to others it’s covered in grime 
Strive and toil we must, to succeed
Despite our colour, race, or creed. 
Success can come calling at our front door, 
Or softly whistling through an open window! 
It arises at many opportunities 
And that is why life is a big mystery!
From childhood, we encounter many obstacles, 
And paths are met, emanating like octopus tentacles! 
Leading us to many gates and hedges, 
Easy to open and cross, but jumping over is a fuss!
Never is it quick to swallow, 
Like medicine or birds to follow! 
Life is hard as clay, 
So we should always make time to work and play!
For you see, time is short and shines, 
Brightly like stars at night, 
Catch the moment tells this line
Never try all at once and combine.

By Surani Ramachandra

Okay, I know, it’s fairly a simple poem, but I was feeling melancholy about something which led to this. I hope you enjoyed this little bit of poetry from me. I’ll try to share a few others as this year progresses. Let me know your honest thoughts.

Have a good week ahead!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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