Verses on our universe

Hi everyone, so this post is a small sample of my own poetry again. I hope the words I’ve used helps you visualize the vastness of our known universe…

This poem was written not long after watching a science documentary of space and a particularly difficult assignment in university. In my youth I was prone to reading science fiction and I believe I made my way through a substantial number of books by Sir Arthur C. Clarke. It was books such as these that made science and space fascinating to me! 

The Great Cosmos

The crescent moon sails the starry sky 
Waning with the flooding tide 
Waxing as the ebb tide flows 
From the mangrove shrubs to the sandy shore.
Rivers of dark, rivers of light 
Patch the cosmic landscape of sky 
Nebulae of color, constellations of stars 
Fill the spaces of unknown scars.
Galaxies of light 
Spread far and wide 
Spiraling the great arms of time
The balance of time and space 
Stretch delicately 
On cosmic threads 

By Surani Ramachandra

Okay, it feels a bit less scary publishing my own writing now. I hope you enjoyed this one. I will try and kick-start my poetry again and maybe see what I can do about the other writing projects I’ve left behind. 

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of space with swirling galaxies and stars glittering in blue-purple space. white letters at top reads 'The Great Cosmos.'
The great cosmos

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