An essay from my writings

Hi everyone, this last week of August I will be sharing another piece of my own writing. This time it will take the form of an essay that I had scribbled down many years ago. Hope you enjoy it!!

A little bit of backstory to this. I remember writing this during my university years in between assignments and studying for my exams. Hence the melancholy air to the words I had chosen. However, after reading it several times over the last few days I decided it should be shared instead of filed away.

On friendship…

“A true friend is hard to find.”

This is true to a great deal. Many people in life these days, the end of the twentieth century, believe that friendship is a vast deteriorating concept. In my case, it just needs to change its direction. Then, true friends can be seen clearly. Just look for one from another point of view. 

To build a friendship with someone is quite a difficult task. Friends are those who help you when you are feeling sad or out of sorts. Friends are there to lend a helping hand when you are sick in bed and there is no-one to distract your kids. Friends lend their shoulder to cry on when a loved one passes away. They help you in your grief. They shed a tear and lay a flower or light a candle for you. 

A friend is there for you when your boyfriend has left you for another. A true friend sees the real you through any masks you hide behind. They love you for who you are. For the time you spend with them. A true friend shares all your emotions with you. All the sadness, joy, and everything in between. A true friend is proud and happy for all your accomplishments. A true friend finds pride in your success and applauds you for it. 

“To have a friend, be a friend.”

If you do not have one, be one. Lend a helping hand. Share your thoughts. Help where help is needed. Give your support and kindness. Show how much you care. Love them unconditionally. See past their faults. Sacrifice time, space, and thoughts. Give as much as you take. 

That is the key to a good friendship. 

Never expect much in return. A true friend never does. That is why they last as friends through life. 

Friendship is like a garden. Plenty of water and nourishment helps it grow. Plant trees and mow the lawn. Then you will see flowers bloom into the beautiful garden that is friendship. 

By Surani Ramachandra, 1998 to 1999

two large images of kids against light brown-purple background. top image of four young kids looking out towards river sitting on top of rock. bottom image of two African American girls holding hands climbing down stairs leading down towards field or garden. large dark letters in between read On Friendship.

So there you have another small piece of my writing. To be honest, I think I was going through a rough patch with a friend or two which prompted me to write this.

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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