Celebrating fathers this September

Hi everyone, this September I’m celebrating fathers!! Especially the relationship they have with their daughters!! For all those who celebrate Father’s Day down here in the southern hemisphere, this month is for you!! I hope you enjoy my tribute to you and your father!!

So, basically on Sunday the 5th of September, my little nieces will be jumping on their dad’s bed, bright and early (hopefully!!), with squeals of ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ which will continue throughout the whole day. All of us will gather together wishing my dad, my brother, his brother-in-law and father-in-law, and every other male in the extended family… “Happy Father’s Day!!” [Sorry folks but I’ve never been successful in capturing a photo of the plethora of hugs during this joyous event from previous years to share with you here!!] I hope this description helps you imagine this!! 

This month I’m dedicating the posts and my selection of reviews to the one person who has helped mould me into the woman I am today: my father. 

4-grid box. top left image of young girl with dad small smile on face. top right dad with two girls. dad holding small baby in blue and big girl in blue and yellow dress. bottom right image of dad with girl in glasses and yellow top. bottom left grey box with white letters which read My father and his daughters over the years...
Early years with my father

I was actually inspired by a post I saw on the popular website A Mighty Girl where fathers and daughters were celebrated in June. I found quite a few of the reviewed titles from there and learned a bit about the importance of the relationship fathers have on their daughters. 

The posts on my blog will capture reviews of tween fiction tales, historical and contemporary, where the relationship between a daughter and her father is the main theme. I’ll also give you a post with a selection of adult reads too. My personal post will be one about the relationship I share with my father, well…my sister and I actually, and give you another brief interlude into my younger years.

I hope you enjoy the different posts I’m sharing with you this month.

Stay safe and keep reading.

Miss Mahee

large image of man holding young daughter. girl has small white teddy bear in hand. they're walking through trees towards ray of light in middle. light pink box at bottom with quote. 'Fathers and daughters: despite everything, it is a relationship built on a certain strain of magic.' Madonna King
Inspirational quote

On a bit of a sombre note, New Zealand has entered into another lockdown as the dreaded Covid pandemic’s Delta variant makes it’s presence known on our shores. The region of Auckland especially needs to stay home so we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day at home among ourselves!

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