Happy Father’s Day

Hi everyone, today is Father’s Day down here in New Zealand!! This post is especially for my father and my brother in showing my appreciation for the amazing job they do everyday!! Get your tissues handy folks, tears will definitely flow…

three images of man holding small kids. left small child in blue top with tree behind. middle child has white and brown striped top and small black dot on forehead. right small child in blue tshirt trees behind.
A father’s love…

I can almost hear all of you cooing at the image above! This is my father holding us three as babies!! You can tell from the quality of colour the age of these!! This is how he brought us up, close to his heart but with enough discipline to mould us into hard working adults. In my brother’s case, it probably was a losing battle but our dad persevered and got there in the end and is very proud of the man he is now!! A quick note: I call my dad, ‘Thathi’ and my brother, ‘Malli’ in Sinhalese.

I’ll be posting a separate post on the impact my father has had on my life, but this one is more of a Thank You to both him and my brother for being the people they are.

three images in grid. top image of elderly man with woman and man in sunglasses either side of him. background has harbour with small boats. bottom left image of elderly man and younger man smiling houses behind them. right image has same men with two bowls of food in front of them.
Happy Father’s Day

Thank You for both of you for being the amazing and inspirational fathers that you both are!! Your dedication to your families, friends, colleagues and community is admired and respected. Whether you know it or not, you both have brought so much fun and happiness to our lives over the years!! 

yellow background with two images of elderly man. top image he has coffee in front of him. bottom image he's holding vegetables in garden with big smile. black letters beside on left reads Happy Father's Day Thathi!!'
Happy Father’s Day!

Thathi, you helped your kids reach for the stars and achieve the highest not in just our education but in our careers as well!! For all the sacrifices you made over the years, your determination and your dreams for us, I thank you!! I’m sure the other two agree in their own way!! We also admire the way you adapt to all that life throws at you and begin each chapter with so much energy and life!! You are truly our very own miracle man!! 

Malli, you are an amazing young father to your little girls!! I love how you spend time with each of them and help in bringing them up to be adorable little ladies. I know you’ve heard me say this many times, but your girls have quite a few of the traits that are uniquely yours!! Your younger one has your cheekiness while your older one has your sense of humour!! They’ll both take after their mother in their looks and become much prettier than you though. 

Thank You to both of you for just being you!! We all love and admire you both!!

Have an awesome lockdown Father’s Day!!

Lots of love from your daughter/sister Surani a.k.a Miss Mahee

blue background with image of bitmoji character holding heart-shaped red balloon with Dad in white on it. girl bitmoji has short hair glasses and in jean jacket with dark top underneath.
Dad’s love

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