True stories of strong young women

Hi everyone, this last week of November heralds the beginning of summer for us here in Auckland. To end this month featuring mighty girls and strong women I bring you a post on a selection of true stories of inspirational and strong young women. You better get some tissues handy with a comfortable seating position as these might render some strong emotions…

blue background with writing tools along the edges. writing on middle reads Sincerely, You Letter-writing to change the world. image of young girl with long blond hair smiling.
An inspirational read

I’m starting off this post with a book I’ve already talked about. This title written by an amazing young woman sparked my interest by what she had achieved in her teen years. Sincerely, you: letter-writing to change the world by Savannah Maddison gives not just chapters from young Savannah’s life but talks about her letter-writing initiative that changed her life and inspired so many others to follow her. Packed with letter-writing tips, ways to find creativity, and connect with friends, family, and their community; this book will inspire readers to make their own ideas travel around the world and make a difference!! I couldn’t help but be proud of what this young woman has achieved in her life so far!! The parts where she talks about her own life were so poignant and heartwarming!! 

The next few books are either anthologies of collections of short stories of famous women over the years who have paved the way for us today. You might find that there are stories of the same women written in these next titles, however, the different writers and illustrators bring different aspects of these amazing people to life in these reads for me. Hope you enjoy these titles!!

image of young African American girl in white dress and pink sweater holding case climbing stairs. blue background with large white letters read Shaking Things Up.
An amazing book

In Shaking things up: fourteen young women who changed the world by Susan Hood readers are entertained with fourteen stories about a group of remarkable women who have made a significant change to the world today. Each entry is written in verse with an illustration by an amazing female artist!! I liked how Susan Hood included a timeline of each woman’s achievements in the beginning to show us where and when each woman sits as well!! I found myself captivated by each one as it gave my internal movie theatre a new movie to see with each page!! 

image of group of African American women and girls in middle. multi-coloured background in pastel shades. yellow letters at top read Brave. Black. First.
An engaging read

For true stories about African American women you can’t go past Brave, Black, First: 50+ African American women who changed the world edited by Cheryl Willis Hudson and illustrated by Erin K. Robinson. Compiled in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, this illustrated biography captures the iconic moments of more than fifty African American women whose heroism and bravery rewrite the American story for the better. I learned so much about names I’d only seen in passing from this book. Collectively these strong and brave women have founded movements, inspired others, showcased amazing skills, and brought up families despite the oppression and injustice around them. What an inspirational read!! All tweens of all ages, gender and ethnicities will find someone they can admire in here!! 

cover has dark blue cover with image of white moon and stars along top half. bright big letters in colours read Good Night stories for Rebel Girls. blue letters across top and bottom of names.
An awesome read

This next read I think has been doing the rounds on almost every booklist I’ve seen online so I thought I’d have a read and check it out. Good night stories for rebel girls by Elena Favilli gives readers an anthology of ‘fairy tales’ of young heroines. I found this an amazing piece of writing by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo along with Timbuktu Labs!! Told as one hundred “fairy tales”, we hear of strong women who have made an impact on history and our world today. Using simple, concise sentences readers can see the great heights women and girls can reach in these stories. I learned quite a bit about heroines I’d already known and some I hadn’t heard about!! From queens, athletes, scientists and activists you’ll find many inspirational names here!!

purple background with small black stars. black silhouette of woman holding megaphone from bottom left corner. megaphone has words from bottom all the way towards end. large white letters around read Make More Noise!
A collection of amazing tales

And finally this last book Make more noise! by Sally Nicholls houses an incredible collection of brand new short stories from ten of the UK’s very best storytellers, celebrating inspirational girls and women, in honor of the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. Having been inspired by actual events and women through history, this lovely collection of stories showcase the power of the female mind and strength. Some are set during historical times where the role of women were to be in servitude to men but the characters here are those that rebel and fight for a place in society, to be heard and have a voice and opinion. A few stories are just sweet stories of young girls who overcome their shyness, make friends with their bullies and find their place in the world. 

I know there aren’t too many titles in this post to fill the appetites of some of you voracious readers but I’m old school that way!! If anyone has read any similar titles, I’d love to hear from you. I hope these can be a starting point for you and your tween can start collecting reads on strong women and mighty girls!!

Stay safe and keep reading

Miss Mahee

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