Welcome to December 2021

Reflecting on this year…

Hi everyone, summer has definitely arrived here in New Zealand. The pohutukawa tree in front of my father’s house has bloomed signaling the beginning of the season. Work is well under way in my library as restrictions ease and the kids are excited for Christmas!! Instead of focusing on a theme for this month I thought I’d give a mixture of festive reads along with some reflective writing on how the year has gone for me!!

What a year this has been for us down here in New Zealand!! I know I started this year with a post on some New Year’s resolutions. Although I did expand my reading selections to include a few Fantasy and Sci fi reads, the other resolutions were a teeny bit difficult to achieve. Armed with good intentions I did research into other social media platforms but due to so many other hurdles that life threw at me, sadly, I was unable to fulfil those dreams!! On a positive note, I must tell you all that I’ve begun a somewhat healthier lifestyle. I suppose having my own place where I can pursue my own interests has been a factor in achieving this!! In the long-run, despite an on-going battle with a few health issues, several lockdowns, and general stress, I’m happy to say I’m slowly climbing up towards recovery and a better lifestyle! Life is still throwing hurdles, but I think I’m coping with them better now!! I’ll tell you more in a personal post this month.

This year I wrote on many themes and even experimented in my style of posts with the introduction of discussion posts and booklists. The most exciting ones were where I shared my favourite genres, thoughts on book covers, and the month I dedicated to letter-writing. The most difficult one was the post I dedicated to my father!! Believe me, those words were ones I had to think really hard about before committing to the post!! With the latest lockdown Auckland went through towards the end of this year, my choice of titles were limited to ones I’d read over the past and ones I could access through our online library.

Since the festive season is almost upon us, this month’s review posts will include some Christmas themed titles. I won’t be doing too many for you, just a couple of booklist posts with a selection of children’s and adult reads. I hope you enjoy my selections!! 

Stay safe this festive season and keep reading

Miss Mahee

image of green hills and road carving through. blue sky with small clouds. small path and fence on right edge of image. quote in sky in white letters reads Adventure awaits those who venture ahead...
My personal mantra…

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